A beginner's guide to abandoned cart emails

Abandonment cart emails are an easy way to give customers another chance and increase your conversion rates. Here's how to set up an abandonment cart email campaign that will work for you! In this blog post, we'll show you how to create the perfect abandonment cart email marketing campaign.

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Did you know that there's a 70% average abandoned cart rate in the general eCommerce space? (1).

That means less than a quarter of shoppers who added items to their cart actually ended up buying them. This might be happening on your e-commerce store, as well! But what if there was an app available that could get those customers back and complete the purchase automatically in the background every week without any extra work from you or your staff? That's the power of abandoned cart emails.

Abandoned cart emails automatically remind shoppers to complete their order after leaving your e-Commerce store with one or more items in their cart, i.e. an unfinished purchase.

The truth is you can't prevent abandoned carts absolutely, but you can reduce it drastically with effective abandoned cart emails.

But first, let's examine what leads to an abandoned cart.

Reason Behind Cart Abandonment

Check out these top reasons behind abandoned carts and find ways to reduce the numbers:

The Checkout Process is too Long and Complicated: During a recent quarter, 18% of US customers said they left their carts on a website because the checkout process was too complicated or lengthy (2).

The Potential Customer is Using a Small Screen: Consider these three abandoned cart rates:

  • 73.07% for desktops (3)
  • 80.74% for tablets (3)
  • 85.65% for mobile devices (3)

These statistics paint a clear picture: when leads browse with smaller screens, they're less likely to complete the purchase.

Sneaky Extra Costs turn Customers Off: Sometimes, you'll be right at the finish line with a potential customer. But the additional fees (shipping, tax, etc.) scare them away. That's the reason for 60% of abandoned carts on eCommerce websites (4).

The Consumer isn't Ready to Buy: Many consumers will browse an eCommerce site and load up their cart without the intention of completing their purchase. 40% of these individuals are merely browsing (5). At the same time, 38% were performing some research (5).

Shipping Time is Too Slow: 54% of your potential shoppers are lured by fast shipping times (6). Yes, this isn't a direct number showing how many people leave because it'll take too long to receive the product. Still, one can assume that seeing a lengthy shipping time would ruin someone's enthusiasm and cause them to abandon their cart.

The Website Experience is Lacking: Once a site crashes or experiences a significant error, 20% of potential customers will abandon their cart (5). Another issue ruining the website experience for your potential eCommerce customers is poor navigation across the site. 16% of online shoppers cite this as a big issue (5).

There's a Problem with the Discount Code: Put yourself into the online shopper's shoes. They're excited to use a discount code, only to have the air let out of their tires, metaphorically, of course. Unsurprisingly, 46% of American eCommerce consumers who abandon their carts do so due to incorrect discount codes (5).

Trust Issues with Credit Card Information: It's projected that - soon - 6 billion people could be susceptible to cybercrimes (7). So, it makes sense that 17% of online shoppers who abandoned their carts were spooked about entering their credit card information (7).

You have identified why your customers were abandoning their carts, and now you can use this information to convert those lost sales into loyal buyers.

Rehabbing your online store by removing many of the things that cause people to leave is a good way to get them coming back for more. To know-how, check out our blogpost on cart optimization.

What are Abandoned Cart Emails and Why are they so Important?

Abandoned cart emails are sent to people who have abandoned their shopping carts with the intent of getting them to come back and finish checking out. And they're doing an AMAZING job at that!

Abandoned Cart reminders have the highest return on investment when it comes to your emails. 45% of all abandoned cart emails are opened, and 21% are clicked! This statistic is better than any other type of email you could send them- but what does that mean?

With these numbers, there's a high chance they'll visit again or make another purchase and in response to this reminder, 50% are taken back to the site through those clicks, too - so why not take advantage of such an easy sale opportunity today?

9 Best Abandoned Cart Email Strategies

This guide will teach you the basics of the abandoned cart email strategy. You'll learn how to get your customers' attention and encourage them back into their shopping carts, as well as why it's important for online retailers.

Write interesting subject lines

It's tough to stand out in an inbox full of emails, but if you want readers actually to open and read your messages, pay attention to your email subject line - usually, subject lines are what they notice first. Simply adding a question or curiosity-piquing detail could make all the difference for getting noticed by those who are short on time (or attention).

Most people decide whether they will open up an email based solely on its intriguing subject line.

What should your subject line include?

Company name: Let them know who is contacting them

Customer name: Want to get more opens on your emails? Try personalized emails!

Friendly tone: Bring out the friendliest version of yours

Product name or details: What exactly did they leave in their cart? Remind them.

Urgency: If they might lose the items in their cart, let them know

Simplicity: Because the decision to open your email is made within seconds

When possible, try using numbers in your subject lines, for e.g. only 24 hours left before it gets sold! as this really intrigues potential customers because they know there must be more than just another sales pitch coming at them!

Use an effective call-to-action

An email call-to-action (CTA) is a link or button designed to get people's attention and prompt them for their next action. But remember this childhood lesson: ask nicely.

What do you want the person reading your message to do? Consider using words like "continue exploring" instead of asking someone outright to buy your product.

A clear CTA button | Source: Shopify
A clear CTA button | Source: Shopify

A common CTA button might comprise "Buy now", but it's advisable to avoid words like "buy" and "pay," which are high friction because they suggest doing something that your potential customer may not be ready for, like paying the money immediately.

Make your abandoned cart email outshine

Everything you should include in your email is a means to that end. Here are the three points you need to make:

  • They liked something enough to add to their cart
  • They left those items in their online shopping cart
  • They should return and complete their purchase

Just like with your CTA, use a casual tone when crafting this message because potential customers don't want anything but happy vibes from an abandoned cart recovery email! Your personality can shine through everything else-from social media content to cart abandonment emails, so write some witty copy or embed one of those gifs we all love (and laugh about).

Display the product that your potential customer left behind

Draw the customer's attention to what they left behind in their cart. Sometimes, people have a hard time remembering what products got their attention. It's just as difficult for your potential customer who opened an email from you and was having trouble figuring out which items they were interested in purchasing, so now he or she has simply ignored the email because he couldn't remember.

Display what customers left behind in their cart | Source: Shopify
Display what customers left behind in their cart | Source: Shopify

This is why we recommend sending customers cart data; show them exactly what they left behind!

Create engaging graphics

Adding creative graphics in your abandoned cart email is an excellent way to make your content more interesting. But sometimes, we don't know how to get started or find it too difficult.

What can you do to make your email stand out? How can you keep people reading it? Here are three elements that every great abandoned cart email template needs:

1. Well-designed images. No stock images. People are skeptical about generic images. Create designs that are specific to your campaign.

2. A catchy graphic element that catches your reader's interest, like a slideshow or an animated gif.

3. Thoughtful colors that can enhance readability and evoke readers' moods.

Using an effective abandoned cart email template can help you re-engage potential customers. In addition, this strategy has been used by major companies like Amazon, which have seen successful results in converting these users into buyers!

Create a sense of urgency

People are bound to be more enthusiastic about a limited number or a cheap product only for a very short period. Trust me when I say the FOMO is real.

The longer people wait to check out, the more likely they will move on and forget about your product altogether. Create a sense of urgency in your abandoned cart email so that customers don't forget about your products! This is how you can do that:

  • Start with a catchy subject line. Provide some context about the limited offer so that readers will know how much time do they have to complete a purchase.
  • If people can't tell whether there might be something important coming up or not, they won't open it! That's why we need to create anticipation before introducing our offer right away.
  • To do this, here is an example of how you would use suspenseful language in an abandoned cart email by creating a sense of urgency for their order:

"Help us keep inventory low!", "This offer ends tonight!", "We only have X left." etc.

Create FOMO for your customers
Create FOMO for your customers | Source: Bolt

Give them Alternatives

People might have abandoned their shopping cart because they were unsure of their choice – maybe the item isn't exactly what they wanted. But, they might be sold on similar items that missed the first time.

Don't overwhelm them with drastic alternatives, or may lose your customer completely. You don't want to distract from the primary focus, which is why when sending an abandoned cart email for recovery, it's best not to include too many different options but just enough so as not to confuse your original shopper who was interested already.

Other products they might like | Source: Bolt
Other products they might like | Source: Bolt

For example, you could offer up accessories for your main item, show off different patterns or colors of a similar article to interest customers.

Display Reviews

Do you want to increase your conversions? Reviews play an important role in abandoned cart email, and they can be a great asset to your marketing strategy. So, pull out the best reviews and add them to your abandoned cart email to make it look more credible. The reviews should also be high quality because shoppers will look at them closely before purchasing an item from you again.

Adding reviews provides more social proof and increases trust with potential buying decisions, which increases conversion rates and helps decrease abandoned cart percentage even further.

Offer Coupons to Customers

How many emails have you received lately that offer no discount or coupon? The answer is probably a lot. A survey by RetailMeNot found that 67% of Americans have opted out of marketing emails in the past year because they felt there was nothing in them for them. If you want to stand out from the crowd and engage your customers, then it is time to start including coupons in your email campaigns!

However, a coupon is like Frankenstein's monster; it can destroy you if not used rightly. Keep in mind to offer coupons to only those customers who have been shopping from you for a while. Remember, you do not want to let your customers think that your product is not worth the price.

To find some good cart abandonment emails for research, I went on to my abandon-a-thon: checked off from 15 stores. But it was worth it because now all you need do is see these excellent examples below.

Best Abandoned Cart Email Examples

I did a short experiment on three notable brands by abandoning their carts. As a result, each of these companies sent me cart abandonment emails to complete my purchase. The results were undoubtedly, interesting and each of these companies had their own way of gaining lost attention. Let's have a quick look at each of them:


Casper is a brand that sells mattresses. After about an hour of their cart abandonment, they sent out an email like this:

Casper first email
Casper first email

Their abandoned cart email included the following:

  1. A clear design with no cluttering.
  2. Product left behind
  3. Multiple call-to-action buttons

So, do you think that Casper has unlocked the ultimate abandoned cart email strategy? Well, they did have a turnover of $750 million in just four years. Therefore, their email marketing strategy could be used as an example.

Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a makeup brand, and when it came to their abandoned cart email strategy, they didn't stop at one. They sent three consecutive abandoned cart emails and offered their discount in their last email.

They also tactfully reminded the customer that there's free shipping for orders above $50.

Lime Crime add value
Lime Crime add value

Could they have done better? Yes, an important thing they missed out on was responsive design. Their abandoned cart email looked great on desktop, but it didn't adapt well to smaller screens like an android phone.


Brooklinen is another company that sells mattresses. Their tagline is "Really Good Sheet" - sounds too plain, isn't it? Well, they have created an abandoned cart email so effective that it actually backed their tagline.

Have a look:

Brooklinen reviews
Brooklinen reviews

They have hand-picked some of the top reviews from their website and added them to their abandoned cart email template. Their email design is also very simplistic and highlights their customer support contact number tactfully.

How to create an Abandoned Cart Email?

The thought of an abandoned cart email might make some people cringe, but it's a necessary evil. How can you track down all the shoppers who are about to abandon your shop? It's easy with this simple formula.

Step 1: Create a list of all your customers who have abandoned their carts during checkout and export them as a CSV file.

Step 2: Find out what items they were trying to purchase by searching for each item in the downloaded spreadsheet (or find the item in your store).

Step 3: Segmenting your abandoned cart emails is one way in which you can differentiate your customers on the basis of their purchasing behavior (eg: first-time buyers, frequent buyers) and increase sales by sending messages tailored for each individual's interests.

Step 4: Most email marketing tools have in-built email templates. They also have an option to create customized templates that suit your agenda. First, add necessary information about abandoned products, like quantity, size, color, and price, and include its image for a visual representation of what shoppers have missed out on.

Step 4: You can also send an abandoned cart email that offers these lost prospects discounts on similar products or coupons on their next order if they come back to complete their transaction - both will increase revenue!

How to time an Abandoned Cart Email Campaign?

According to SalesCycle’s research, timing affects conversion rates. Emails sent within the first hour after a shopping cart is abandoned had an average 3% conversion rate; emails sent 1 hour later achieved on average 6.3%; and those 24 hours after abandonment only got 2.5%.

One of the first things to keep in mind when designing an abandoned cart email campaign is making sure that each cart abandonment email sent out features something new and different. That way, your customers won't feel like they're just getting another random abandoned cart email from you for no reason at all.

If there's one strategy or offer that could work well with two-three consecutive abandoned cart email campaigns, then go ahead! But if not, try focusing on only one-two strategies per individual mailout.


Your cart is not lost for good. 75% of shoppers plan to return to their abandoned carts, and with a simple abandoned cart email, you can be one step ahead! Just start turning missed opportunities into recovered sales by using these simple tactics.

Abandoned cart emails have proven to be a highly effective way for retailers not only to recoup lost revenue but also convert prospects that might have been on the fence about completing their transaction.

By following these steps and doing some minor tweaking, you'll be able to quickly create an email campaign of your own. And once this strategy is set up properly it will run itself!

Tip: Remember, when sending out abandoned cart emails don't include any information in the body copy or subject line which would dissuade shoppers from buying (i.e., "We messed up!"). Instead, keep things short and sweet with just enough data so they feel confident about making a purchase decision.

When done well, abandoned cart email campaigns can work like magic.

How can we help?

Abandoned carts are a major problem for eCommerce stores. But, you don't have to be one of them! Here's how LatticeAI can help you recover 5-20% of your lost revenue with personalized messaging and coupons in emails:

✓Analyzing customer behavior and segmenting them based on their purchasing habits.

✓Sending unique offers for each customer based on their purchase history.

✓Customizing on-brand messages in the abandoned cart emails with a personal touch. Not only does this build customer loyalty, but it also generates more sales by persuading customers to complete their purchase!

Your customer's shopping experience should be seamless no matter how many steps it takes for them to finish up what they started. Our abandoned cart emails are designed specifically so that you don't have to worry about losing potential sales because somebody left something off of their online purchase list!

Don't worry; we won't spam your customers; we simply offer them a more lucrative deal in the most effective way. To try our services for free, register here, and our team of experts will connect with you shortly.


What is an abandoned cart campaign?

Cart abandonment is when shoppers fill their carts with items they are considering purchasing but then leave the website without completing their order because of something like an error on the site or just not wanting to complete all steps in the checkout process.

In these instances, companies need to have strategies and tactics in place so that those customers who abandoned their carts don't end up buying from one of their competitors instead. One way is by sending them email and SMS reminders during specific periods after leaving registration information (like if someone leaves his/her shopping cart open within a week). Additionally, there may be other ways to set pop-up messages targeted explicitly at each customer segment.

How soon should you send an abandoned cart email?

You can try to get shoppers back by sending an abandoned cart email right away. This will give them the chance to complete items they may have forgotten about or purchased something they didn't want and need help with their decision-making process.

Why are abandoned cart emails so important?

Abandoned cart emails are a series of automated messages sent to visitors who might be interested in your product but, for some reason, did not complete the checkout process. The email allows you to send reminders about discounts and offers that may have been missed, provide additional information on products or services sought by potential customers, and let them know what they're missing out on without any work from their end!

On average, these automated emails achieve 4.64% conversion rates which are significantly higher than 0%.

What should I write in an abandoned cart email?

Abandoned cart emails are a great way to remind customers that they have items in their shopping cart. But, you want to make sure your email is effective and not annoying. Follow these steps so that you can send the perfect abandoned cart email:

  1. Build a well-crafted subject line that can grab the readers' attention in the first go.
  2. Add catchy graphics.
  3. Add numbers in your email, for e.g.: limited offer only for 24 hours.
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