Growing SMS subscribers via LatticeAI

SMS is one of the most reliable channels for marketing with over 90% open rates. LatticeAI provides SMS capabilities and makes it easy to grow your subscribers.

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Configure SMS Number

You can configure a phone number on your account by going to your Settings > Account > SMS and clicking on Setup SMS as shown below.

LatticeAI provides a dedicated phone number for your account. This phone number is strictly used for marketing communication with your users.

Grow SMS Subscribers

There are several ways you can grow your SMS subscribers:

  1. Publicize this number by putting it on your website or social profiles. 
  2. You can also run email campaigns to grow your sms subscription. 

Users have to just SMS "START" to this phone number to begin their SMS subscription. Once a user has subscribed for SMS updates, you can start sending SMS campaigns.

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