LatticeAI enables you to see everything about your customers in a single view. By seeing exactly who your most valuable customers are, how much money they spend with you each month, what products they love (and hate), which ones convert best—you’ll know exactly will make them want to buy from you again.

Know More About Your Customers Than Ever Before

360 Customer View

  • Easily track all your customer data in one place.
  • With a 360 view, you will know your customers better.
  • No Data is wasted or ignored, find out everything about them.

Prebuilt Segments

  • With LatticeAI's prebuilt segmentation, you don't waste time and money chasing down people who don't convert.
  • Get 12+  customer segments like At risk and Active new signups . We keep adding new segments to the list.
  • Use RFM segmentation to create user segments for you, from champions to inactive users.

Use Best in Class Dynamic Segmentation

  • Use triggered actions based on any customer activity.
  • Use website activity, past campaign response, and transactional data to build ecommerce-tailored segments.
  • Our deep integration of Shopify gives you unparalleled options to build custom segments just for your store.

Retarget on Google & FB

  • Save up to 44% on your advertising costs with LatticeAI's prebuilt segments.
  • Easily export the segment data to retarget on Google and FB ads.
  • Coming Soon: Integration with Google & FB.