Email marketing is the most effective channel for customer retention, but it's also incredibly time consuming to manage and optimize. LatticeAI saves you a ton of time managing & improving your email campaigns.

Use Beautiful, Personalized, and Fully Automated Emails

Use Beautifully Crated Emails

  • Stop sending boring emails that nobody opens or clicks on.
  • Our system generates beautiful & personalized emails that convert into sales.
  • A/B test your emails and pick the winner, automatically.

Avoid Landing in Spam

  • Raise your email sender reputation with carefully crafted campaigns to take iOS 15 updates into account.
  • Our onboarding team ensures your email settings (SPF, DMARC, DKIM) are good to go.
  • Minimize email bounce and landing in spam.

Keep Email List Clean

  • We use the bulk email verification system directly integrated into our platform for all our paid customers.
  • Remove emails with syntax errors, check MA records, and remove duplicates.
  • Get over 97% accuracy with our email verification system.