Your customers want you to be consistent on all channels but it can be hard to manage and be effective on all of them. LatticeAI takes this burden off of you. Our system optimizes your cross channel marketing and creates a unique experience for every one of your shopper.

Use AI Powered Multi Channel Campaigns

Personalize Campaigns For Each Shopper

  • Use the marketing campaigns tailored based on your customers' history of purchases and interactions.
  • We obscure all the complexity of hyper-personalized marketing to make it quick & easier for you.
  • Our predictive personalization technology helps you stay on top of the game.

Run Cross-Channel Campaigns

  • Adding a new channel to your marketing is as simple as dragging and dropping an icon on our canvas.
  • Save up to 70% of costs of manually creating and monitoring your cross-channel campaigns.
  • How many emails? How many SMS? - Let our AI answer it for you that is trained specifically on your customers' data.

Automate A/B Testing

  • A/B testing is a great way to optimize your marketing. But it takes time and resources to do this manually. Not until you automate it.
  • Our automated campaigns have extensive A/B testing with a single aim to keep improving your ROI.
  • Why automate A/B testing? To do it in less time, with less work, and with more accuracy.

Optimize All of it For Best Results

  • Automatically optimize subject, message content, delivery time, frequency, and incentives offered to shoppers using our AI.
  • Your ROI keeps improving as our AI learns more from your customers' responses.
  • Use the latest trends in eCommerce marketing, without spending any efforts to learn it.

Automatically Stop Non Performing Campaigns

  • Automatically stop marketing campaigns that are not performing.
  • It's true that sometimes things don't work out. You can rest easy knowing that our system is ready to pull the plug off.

Rich Template Library

  • Get access to our free email and SMS templates to save times. No coding needed.
  • Use our drag and drop editor to easily customize any template you like and save hours of design work.
  • Coming Soon: Templates for forms, pop-ups, surveys, & quizzes.