If you're not already engaging with customers via SMS, then it's time to start. LatticeAI builds up your SMS marketing strategy gradually in a no-spam fashion. When combined with email marketing, this powerful duo gives your shoppers the personal attention that drives their loyalty higher than ever before.

Full Stack of SMS Marketing. None of complex set-up.

Highest Enagegement Channel

  • Get the highest engagement rate compared to any other marketing channel.
  • Use the best in class Data Science to automatically segment and personalize.
  • Track every text message from SMS clicks to detailed order info.

SMS Automations & Compliance

  • LatticeAI's automated campaigns use SMS marketing at optimal occasions. So you never have to guess when is the right time to message your customers.
  • We are fully TCPA compliant.
  • SMS subscriber building tools: Coming Soon.

Advance Features. Simple Pricing.

  • Support for images (in US), short links, and discount codes.
  • Free SMS credits in all the paid plans.
  • Simple pricing based on an SMS credits system. Choose to auto-recharge or cut-off.