These are your highest value customers. They love shopping with you. The least you can do is to reciprocate that love. Don't be cheap and offer just a little extra discount. Given them redeemable loyalty points. Move them to the top tier.

Loyal customer demand loyalty

Are you ready for that? There is so much you can do to make your loyal customer feel special. Grab a few ideas here.

Early Access

  • Keep the early access of a new product for your best ones.
  • LatticeAI creates personalized early access campaigns just for thoes chosen ones.

Loyalty Rewards

  • You cannot replace loyalty rewards with mere discounts.
  • You will be surprised of the power of redeemable reward points.
  • Make your customers feel they are moving up the ladder.

Monthly Reward Points Statement

  • Send them monthly reports and statements. They deserve it.
  • If they shopped, thank them. If they did not, let them know you miss them.
  • LatticeAI is designed to handle this level of personalization on autopilot.