Most Shopify stores fail at engaging their customers adequately after the first purchase. LatticeAI's ground breaking technology makes it easier for you to keep these first-timers engaged and move them onto the next phase of relationship with your brand.

Get More One-Timers to Come Back

How? Introduce your brand, background and products to new customers. Give them clear action items. Be present on more than one channels.

Subscribe For SMS

  • Offer customers the option to sign up for SMS after their first purchase.
  • Use our emails campaigns to get more SMS subscribers.
  • Automatically send discounts, coupons, and order info to their phone with LatticeAI.

New Customer Series

  • Launch our branded new-customer series created specifically for your Shopify store.
  • Be present for your new customers while they are still active.

Lifestyle Content

  • Share your brand store and lifestyle content.
  • Send branded emails consistent with your store's color and theme.
  • Some of email generated by latticeAI contain social proof and reviews to build your brand reputation.