They already trust you. It is time to build upon that and personalize for your retained shoppers. Take note of what matters to them and show that you care. LatticeAI gives you the power to do it all, automatically.

Learn. Personalize. Repeat.

You have collected enough data about your repeat customers to understand their brand and product affinities, their behavior, and lifetime value. Treat them accordingly.

Second time Purchase Series

  • Do not miss any chance to show that you get them.
  • Use our campaigns to increase chances of another sale right after one.

First Purchase Anniversary

  • How can you forget the anniversary? You better don't.
  • This series is a great way to show that you care and pamper your retained customers a little on this occasion.
  • Let LatticeAI ensure your customers feel special on this occasion.

Low Inventory Series

  • By this time you have ample browsing data for your repeat customers. Use it.
  • Let your customers know if an item they added to cart or browsed is running low in inventory.
  • Try our campaign for this and see the impact.